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The Italian Physicist Massimo Corbucci worked together with “GSI” in Darmstadt in order to detect the reason for number 114 trans-Uranic atom can’t be synthetized.
“According to a NEW ATOMIC MODEL a STRUCTURAL LIMIT doesn’t allow the creation of atoms containig more than 112 electrons and protons.”

That is tried from the “ORDINE DI RIEMPIMENTO DEI LIVELLI ATOMICI” (Copyright © Corbucci 1998) and “NUMERAZIONE BARIONICA” (© Corbucci99) show it.

Those publications of nuclear physics have also allowed to discover “quantumechanic Vacuum”, which has been reported to C.E.R.N. in Geneva within the research about Higgs boson. This would have proved the impossibility to detect the Higgs PARTICLE by Hadron Collider (LHC).

Thus, in 1998, Periodic Sistem elements maximun number has been determinated. They are 112: 50 within A GROUP, 62 within B GROUP. In December 1999 the Higgs was completely defined. It breaks the symmetry within the NUCLEUS between 46 barions with SPIN 1/2 and 57 with SPIN 3/2. The total number of types of barion is 103. IT ISN’T a detectable “PARTICLE”.

The NUCLEAR PHYSIC INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY called “God’s ParTicle”, institued by Corbucci under O.N.L.U.S aegis for Atomic Divulgation, provides the NEW PERIODIC TABLE OF 112 ELEMENTS and permits its reproduction.

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